Chris Lee - Artist in Tokyo

Chris Lee

I'm an artist in Tokyo, Japan

In employment

I speak English and Japanese

About me

I love creating art and I'm still in process of exploring I search of my art style. In creation of art, it grasps me into an immersive experience with my subconscious that brings abou the most satisfying moments in my daily life.
He first involvement of becoming art was the entry of my university. Within all the other curriculums, it provided the most attractive factors. I would consider the graphic design classes was the beginning of my pursue within this creative field.
I am kind of person who likes to think of things in philosophical manner and well and in practical and functional thoughts. I love to explore deeper meaning within a meaning that reveals the uncovered visions of another perception of this world. I show this personality to many of my friends when we start to have conversations the can be harvested to the deeper level, regardless of any topic.
I would describe myself In three words as practical, kind, philosophical.

My Creations

Chris hasn't uploaded any creations yet.