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I'm a creative director in Tokyo, Japan

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A budding bevopreneur uniting craft beverages with artist from around the world creating unique events and products with a story.

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Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Academy Graduate: Class of 2019
Certifications: Wine and Spirits Education Trust Sake 3, Sake Education Council L1/L2, Sake Service Institute Kikisake-shi, Sake Sommelier Association Sake Sommelier.

Charles has judged sake in food pairing and award competitions. He recently served as group lead chair at Sake Selection by Concours Mondial de Bruxelles and industry professional pairing judge for Ehime Sake with Food Awards. As a resident of Japan for more than three decades, Charles has held senior leadership roles with three Fortune Global 500 companies, and several startups in the information technology industry where he currently consults.

Charles’ interest in sake came about during his travels around Shikoku Island while undertaking the Ohenro pilgrimage where he first discovered premium craft sake. This discovery led Charles to pursue certifications as a Sake Professional with WSET, the Sake Education Council, International Kikisake-shi with the Sake Service Institute of Japan, and several other international certification bodies. Charles’ has developed an approach to brewing with non-traditional yeast strains, and produced the Anne sake release with Chiyonokame of Ehime.

Charles is currently developing a new sake and art pairing concept release with artist Erica Ward, Kura Cats co-developed with three domestic brewers with a target release date of 2021.

Charles is Chief Executive of ECO-INTER K.K. est. 1973, and Craft Instinct Japan est. 2020.

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