Carolina Albernaz - Illustrator in Tokyo

Carolina Albernaz

I'm an illustrator in Tokyo, Japan

Available for contracts

I speak English, Japanese, and Portuguese

My activity

About me

“There's nothing I can't do, those are just challenges that I haven't yet taken on”
After graduating from University of Lisbon Faculty of Fine Arts I moved to Japan.
First Yokohama where I studied Japanese for 1 year and half and then moved to Tokyo where I continued to study game illustration and now graphic design.
I wish to work in the creative industry, and be someone who can inspire others through my work.

My Creations

  1. Craft Beer: STRAY CAT

    8 October 2022
    Craft Beer: STRAY CAT

    "Based on the phases of the moon on the day you were born you can learn some personality traits"A craft beer inspired by the 4 phases of the moon.「生まれた日の月の満ち欠けを基づいていくつ...

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  2. VTuber Live2D Model: Tsuki

    VTuber Live2D model made for live streaming.- Character Design, Live2D

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  3. Tradicional drawing collection