Camille Lemaire - Illustrator in Tokyo

Camille Lemaire

I'm an illustrator in Tokyo, Japan

I speak English and French

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About me

Hello! I'm Camille, originally from France but I moved to Tokyo after a few years in London (UK).

I'm working as a UX designer but I love making all sorts of images on the side. Lately I've been trying my hands at lettering and Japanese calligraphy but I'm also enjoying printmaking, photography, illustration and making tiny zines!

My Creations

  1. Daruma sticker

    28 August 2021

    When I started learning Japanese, I also started drawing daruma dolls all over my notebooks as little reminders to keep going and keep trying, even when fluency felt like a very distant and fuzzy dream. I'm not quite fluent yet but I'm keeping on learning, and here is one of... continue reading (0, 1 image)

  2. Akeome!

    14 January 2022

    A tiger for the new year!

    Brush pen & black ink

  3. My Tokyo Neighbourhood

    21 April 2023

    I've been meaning to make a map for a while, here the first one!
    It's a tiny love letter to my neighbourhood, to remind me of the places making me feel at home in this big crazy city :)