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I am an Animator,CG artist,filmmaker based in Tokyo.Usually works on Square Enix projects but on weekends i also make my own films too.Lately i have been doing lot of collaborations with actors and cinematographers and trying to learn and explore the world of filmmaking and direction as much as i can.I am always open to collaborate with actors as i keep making short films.Please contact me if anyone is interested.:)

My Creations

  1. Just released the festival promo of my first feature film.Please have a look.I am posting link below,if you are interested you can follow the page to track info and details about the film.For any questions or chats just DM me :)
    film page -

  2. -Full film will be released after the festival screenings,around end of december or january next year.

    SYNOPSIS - Yuchan is a country boy visiting his older brother Kensuke's home in Tokyo. While Kensuke is away at work, Yuchan builds a relationship with housewife Hana and begins to suspect that their... continue reading (0, 0 images)

  3. A Dreamy portrait of Love,Breakup,Delusion and Celebration.Set in Tokyo.

    This is just teaser.I will release film after the festival screenings,around 3rd week of December.

    Dir/Dp - Anshul Chauhan
    Actors - Erika Nagamine, Takashi Kawaguchi
    Prod. Assit - Mina Moteki
    Gaffer/Colour - Adrien Lacoste
    Music by - Moby and Motorpig

  4. Kawaguchi 4256 (trailer)

    13 February 2017

    Synopsis - After the death of their matriarch, a dysfunctional family is reluctantly reunited under one roof. Tensions clash between an alcoholic father and his troubled children.

    Written & Directed By - Anshul Chauhan
    Translator - Mina Moteki
    Starring -
    Motokatsu Suzuki
    Orson McClellan
    Takashi Kawaguchi
    Shuna Iijima
    Shintaro Yonemoto ... continue reading (0, 0 images)

  5. If you have played Final Fantasy 15th. I am sure you know Leviathan.I animated the Leviathan while working for Square Enix. There are tons of animation but for now i ...

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