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Andy Cline

I'm an artist in Yokohama, Japan

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I first arrived in Japan in 2012 as an APAC window display manager for one of the fast fashion brands. I had a two-year-old baby and my wife with me.
Before then, I made my way in life keeping a studio and exhibiting a couple of times a year while working in museums and galleries, on tv and film sets, making props, and assisting artists. We had left Los Angeles to start a new adventure. Sadly, it marked the point when I stopped maintaining my studio practice. Since then, through a distorted looking glass, I thought I needed to fit into Tokyo through business, so I spent many years trying to re-tool for that, re-tooling for IT, re-tooling for SaaS sales. Seven years later, I must admit that it isn't really me.
So now after flirting and many false starts, I think I might actually be painting again : )
Commercially, I recently did some mural work on the new Harry Potter museum in Toshimaen.

My Creations

  1. Jester's Faces

    12 July 2023

    75.5 × 56 cm - oil on primed Rives BFK paper.