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Andrew Noel

I'm an artist in Tokyo, Japan

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I was born in Sydney Australia where I studied Animation and Virtual Reality Design. I moved to Tokyo to engage with other creatives and indulge in the fascinating design subcultures that flaunt the metropolis.

Mainly working with Autodesk Maya to produce 3D environments and characters, I also create illustrated works such as cartoons, graphic design material, and programs with Unity 3D.

My Creations

  1. Office Getaway

    19 July 2017

    I was inspired by famous Japanese illustrator "Yoko Honda" to create a dreamy dystopian interior. An original piece by Yoko Honda hangs on the wall.


    27 July 2017

    MILKBBI x ANDYPANTS is a collaboration between myself and U.S. based designer Justin Wallis. These products are currently being sold online @

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