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Andre van Rensburg

I'm a musician in Tokyo, Japan

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I have been working mainly as a solo performer/improvisor for the past 10 years, before that I was involved in many other groups, ensembles and projects, performing at concerts and festivals around the world. I have more than a dozen recordings and album releases. I started a small record label and have produced and mastered many albums as well.
I was a professional musician for about 7 years, but it's become more of a hobby lately as my music has gotten more experimental. I'm currently mainly focused on the classical guitar and shakuhachi as a means of sound production. My style is an eclectic mix of Asian and European tonalities and rhythms. I tend to shy away from repetitive or loop-based music and I tend to only be performing with other improvisors at the moment. I love working with dancers, especially butoh dancers, and that has become my main focus in Japan. I have been performing in Tokyo since 2003, but relocated here last year, I mainly perform in small underground concert venues.
My music is relatively intense, dissonant, microtonal, but also very quiet and sensitive. There is also quite a shamanistic, ceremonial aspect to what I do on stage and I see my job as an artist to try and extract my ego from the stage and let a performance become a communal experience rather than a rehearsed performance.

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