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Alex Boyce

I'm a motion graphics designer in Tokyo, Japan

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I am a highly motivated and flexible person who likes being challenged, learning new things and keeping active, these are some of the things that drives me and my urge to progress.

The software I use regularly include Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Maxon Cinema 4D.

Away from the computer I enjoy photography, jogging, cycling, Board games and Japanese manga. Currently I am learning Japanese to have as a second language.

Overall I am a friendly, open minded individual with a passion to progress.

My Creations

  1. Plus ID

    4 January 22:05

    Project: Plus RebrandClient: Self-InitiatedAnimation & Design: Alex BoyceI created a fictional Identity for a brand and created a few on screen elements that was apart...

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  2. TRX Spot

    4 January 22:07

    Project: TRX spotClient: TRXAnimation & Design: Me x GrizzleDuring my time at grizzle london, I worked on this piece from concept through to delivery, working mostly i...

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  3. Oris App Video

    4 January 22:10

    Project: Reaction race
    Client: WilliamsF1
    Animation & Design: RDcontent

    While at RDcontent I was tasked with creating a short promo video which highlights some of the games features. The idea was to keep things short, snappy and fast paced and to reflect the look and feel of the game into... continue reading (0, 0 images)

  4. Operating model

    4 January 22:09

    Project: Operating Model
    Client: Imperial Tobacco
    Animation & Design: RDcontent

    While at RDcontent two of us motion designers were tasked with creating a piece about a change in the companies structure in how they work to be more efficient.

  5. Press Start

    4 January 22:11

    Project: PressStart IdentClient: PressStartAnimation & Design: Me / Khairul AhmedI was asked and had the privilege to create a Intro/Ident for PressStart.I had a lot o...

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  6. Offshoot

    4 January 22:12

    Project: Offshootl Ident
    Client: Offshoot
    Animation & Design: Me / Seed animation Studio

    During my time at Seed animation Studio, I Created a logo Ident for Offshoot.

  7. 2017 Motion Reel

    4 January 22:16

    A collection of my work from 2017

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  8. Happy 2018

    16 January 20:33

    A Personal collaboration project to start off the year.

    Illustration by Akitsu Okazaki -
    Motion Graphics by Alex Boyce -