Akinori Mano - Web / Mobile Designer in Tokyo

Akinori Mano

I'm a web / mobile designer in Tokyo, Japan

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I speak English and Japanese

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About me

My name is Akinori Mano who works as a freelance web designer in Tokyo.
I make living as web designer, however, I have my own fishing brand called CAPE DESIGN since I love fishing so bad.
I make my fishing gear by myself and sell under my brandname.


My Creations

  1. Lazy dog by CAPE DESIGN

    17 October 2015

    Lazy Dog is a fishing lure made of basswood.
    The size is 8cm long, and it weighs about 1oz.
    The body color is the same as my lovely dog "Ruby" lived at my parent's house.
    Its ear and the tail is leather.