Daruma sticker

28 August 2021 ● less than 1 min read ● 1 image
Daruma sticker

When I started learning Japanese, I also started drawing daruma dolls all over my notebooks as little reminders to keep going and keep trying, even when fluency felt like a very distant and fuzzy dream. I'm not quite fluent yet but I'm keeping on learning, and here is one of my favourite darumas, which I turned into a sticker.

I sketched it by hand and then I vectorized it in Illustrator.

Your work is inspirational, as I am being challenged learning Japanese. It requires study, study, study! And hard work. Not for the easily intimidated. :)

Georgi Ann Coquereau Kimi Thank you! Learning Japanese definitely requires a lot of study and practice and patience :D Good luck with your studies!

Very cute! Is this a sticker version of your design? I could see there being a market for that.

Ian Bayne Thanks! Yep I designed it and had it printed some time ago, I think I still have a few in a box somewhere :D

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