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17 July 2021 ● less than 1 min read ● 1 image
Lost in Thoughts

(Taken in Toranomon, retouched with Lightroom)

Interesting idea. What was the inspiration behind this, if you don't mind sharing?

Mila Adachi - Marketing/PR Professional in Tokyo, Japan Mila Adachi Marketing/PR Professional 26 July 2021

Ian Bayne

When I saw the sculpture from Jaume Plensa I was fascinated by the artistic implementation of linguistic roots. When I have entered the sculpture and was surrounded by all those different characters I was immediately reminded of the languages people around me and I use in daily life. In general, when you use them at work it feels like it is normal to speak, read and write in different languages. Actually, it is not which we forget over time I think. It takes years to reach this level and as we all know, it changes yourself and your way of thinking. You have way more access to information that influences your thought process and personality at the end, too.

Especially metropolitan areas like Tokyo are platforms where this mix of different languages happens. It allows us to go beyond our linguistic comfort zone and thrives our language and knowledge level way further. For me, everyone who can access several languages is less a defined person as you could interpret the shape of this sculpture but more in constant change because of continually widen their personal horizon through the unimaginable amount of information and intercultural influences. Therefore, I felt that implementing the characters in the sky reflects this the best.

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