Shinto shrines in the afternoon light. Illustration series

11 May 2021 ● 1 min read ● 3 images

This short series portrays Shinto shrines in urban and nature settings in the moments of ephemeral afternoon light.

Shinto is the original religion of the Japanese. According to it, there is kami or 'gods' in every living and inanimate thing alike. The most powerful kami exist in the forces and elements of nature.

Below: Afternoon light in Hakone, inspired by Ukiyo-e aesthetics

Below: Afternoon light in the forests of Kashima Jingu and a small shrine.

Below: Sublime afternoon light over a small shinto shrine in Tokyo

These are beautiful Veronika, are you going to print them? I've just ordered some things from Highly recommended.

Hi Craig! You won't believe how much on time your recommendation is—I'm literally trying out different printing places and processes at the moment. Thanks so much for this timely suggestion!
Also, happy to connect over here—I will see if I can stop by at Almost Perfect one of these weekends!

Great! There's a paper sample book at Almost Perfect for so def drop in and check it out. I'll be there both this weekend and the next. Thanks

These are beautiful!

Lovely!!! 😍

Thank you, Ian Ian Bayne !

Thanks so much Mark Mcfarlane !
And thank you for creating Canvas—such a great idea and platform. I've been following for a while, and happy to be now part of it!

Stumbling across small shrines like these is one of the low-key joys of living in Japan. Really nice work, especially that second one.

Thanks Ben Proctor !
That is very well put. The way these shrines are seamlessly integrated everywhere—in city and nature alike—make the whole place feel special and spiritual.

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