GHOUL Voxel Diorama 1

30 April 2021 ● 1 min read ● 3 images

To build the world around the ghoul characters, I thought it would be fun to create little scenes – dioramas – of them in their habitats. I've been working with a voxel artist, Roby Gould based in Argentina, to create a series. This is the first.

The second diorama is now underway and should be revealed during my residency at in mid May.

I would LOVE to have some visitors during my stay there, the purpose of which is to connect with the creative community in Tokyo. If you're keen, please DM me on so we can organise a time to catch up.

(Rest assured I am a responsible mask-wearing elbow bumper)

This would be great as an eventual Lego or Nanoblock set :-)

Ian Bayne Fantastic idea! If, over time, I can build the brand up to the point where they'd be interested in collaboration, that would be an amazing milestone. It's these kind of ideas that keep me going.

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