Age Beautifully, P&G, Olay anti-aging cream

22 March 2016 ● 1 min read ● 1 image
Age Beautifully, P&G, Olay anti-aging cream

This campaign was awarded a bronze at Young Guns in the craft category.
The challenge was for these 'numbers made from objects' to not look like a bunch of stuff just retouched together. I felt challenged to create a style of photography that I had never seen. So I used illustrations as a key influence rather than photography.
I imagined these numbers as self contained worlds floating brilliantly in space. Each number combined from objects representing beauty. I envisioned them having their own personality, narrative and kinetic flow.
I wanted the viewer to appreciate each image on three levels;
As a beautifully crafted number, as a narrative of unfolding events and as detailed beauty. All three levels reinforcing the message of aging with beauty. These visions were then sketched by an illustrator and served as a guide through the shooting and editing process.
The backdrops and 'atmospheres', as I call them are a series of compiled water colour and ink paintings scanned and then layered together. Lighting rays then fuse the backdrop and number 'worlds' together while creating a sense of depth and atmosphere.

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