Reflecting Roads of Life

23 January 2021 ● less than 1 min read ● 3 images

(Taken in Kawajiyumoto, retouched with Lightroom and Photoshop) 

People create their own path during live. If decisions defining your "road" are always a free choice may be questionable but at the end you have your unique road of live. The first image embodies childhood where you need support in any way symbolized by these pillars. The second image stands for the career path. As higher you get as fuzzier may it become. The last image symbolizes a crucial moment you overcome even it seemed to be impossible in the first place. 

Very nice, Mila. Great textures and vibe. :)

Mila Adachi - Marketing/PR Professional in Tokyo, Japan Mila Adachi Marketing/PR Professional 11 February 2021

Jason Garcia
Thanks! Great that you sense it this way!

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