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My motto this time: photo painting! My basis was the attached picture I had taken in Shinjuku. 

For taking the photo I waited until a day when the sun was very bright to catch the full beauty of my chosen object. In its origin, the picture has already a dynamic touch but it sticks to that tree, thus it can't take full effect. Those branches need to disappear! 

Instead of retouching, I continued with photo bashing to enable the floating character. I grabbed the digital brush and painted each and every single blossom. Yes, that took a while but in this step, I could make already decisions about dynamics and adjustments. In addition, I can accommodate freely any area, which allows me to create the image's expression. Finally, the blossoms that had been sticking to the tree can float away.

(Painted in Clip Studio Paint)

Love this concept. Great work.

This is so creative and the work is very nice. Thank you for sharing!

Mila Adachi - Marketing/PR Professional in Tokyo, Japan Mila Adachi Marketing/PR Professional 11 February 2021

Paul Vincent Farrell Jason Garcia
Thank both of you so much for this kind feedback!

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