One Thing Leads to Another

13 November 2020 ● less than 1 min read ● 0 images

A short film about collecting, cycling caps, art and design, personal connections and why it’s worth doing something for a long time, even if the benefits are not clear at first.

More details on my website:

Iancu Barbarasa what a delightful video! I am a cyclist as well. Not a roadie though. Gravelerです。I usually look for fit and design that way or how the head band is designed, but I will look at the patterns next time.

Thanks very much Daniel Schallau, really glad you enjoyed it! Over the last few years I've been doing more gravel as well, much more fun :)

Iancu Barbarasa I often wear CCP cycling caps. Love the shape. Kind of a departure, for them but this winter they have Harris Tweed caps. Haha. Not sure if these have the usual sloped forehead, less crowning shape that their usual caps have.

They definitely look stylish, especially the mixed pattern ones :)

The interesting thing is that their roots of CCP is not in the communist party of China, but in a silkscreen company called Crazy Character Print. I think I remember seeing some of their crazy print designs. Now their clothing has a more subdued but quirky look. With the exception of these 'stylish' caps. Anyway, Cheers.

Always nice to see what small “shops” like this do, they can afford in a way to try ideas bigger brands might not have the guts to. Speaking of small shops, I'm not sure if you know Enishi Kyoto's caps, definitely among the best I've ever seen / bought, especially the tenugui-made ones:

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