Positive Square

11 March 2016 ● 1 min read ● 1 image
Positive Square

My background as a musician highly affects the way I produce my works. I make painting like I compose a song. I perceive color as melody, shape/form/line as lyric, brushstroke as rhythm and canvas as the music sheet. I carefully choose the intro, verse, pre-chorus, chorus, bridge, instrumental solo and outro in my composition to match the theme of each painting. I accept what I feel about every brushstroke as I go over the whole canvas, without judging whether it is right or wrong, because everything happens for a reason.

I paint geometric and lyrical abstract works, styles that I believe can represent my ideas the best. Sometimes I use rigid, static and sometimes flexible, lively ways of expressing ever-changing thoughts and feelings. On both canvas and wood panel, I am composing messages that I want to send to the world with oil paints. Variety of colors in my paintings play the role as representatives of my critique to the colorless metropolitan city of Tokyo. A place where many people sacrifice their colors to survive.

The paintings that I produce are reflections of imperfection. The mirror of the world, the clone of reality. These works are made, so that people from the society, where no one is perfect, can relate and contemplate. Moreover, I choose abstract because I feel that its independence from visual references in the world can help people to relate with their pure, unpolluted self, hidden inside the deepest sanctuary of their soul. I believe that it is a wonderful thing if one cooperates with the universe to create artworks that contain truth, which liberates people from negativity. With this in mind, I present “Positive Square” abstract oil painting exhibition to the world.

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