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8 June 2020 ● 2 mins read ● 1 image

Since the pandemic has restricted travel to Japan, we made these TOKYO REALTIME audio tours free.

TOKYO REALTIME is a series of audio guided walking tours revealing new sides to Tokyo's most interesting neighborhoods. The tours were produced a while back as a commercial product by White Rabbit Press. But we are making them available for free—so you can take a much deserved virtual vacation from making sourdough bread and watching everything on Netflix.

There are two soundwalks: Akihabara and Kabukicho.


TOKYO'S ELECTRIC TOWN, Akihabara is Japan's subculture hotspot for anime, manga, games and figures which attracts hardcore fans - and curious visitors - from all over the world. Internationally recognized experts on the area take you on an unforgettable, behind-the-scenes tour of the area. You'll visit all the must-see shops, gain historical knowledge, cultural insights and learn insider jargon like otagei, moé, itasha and more.


JUST A FEW MINUTES FROM SHINJUKU STATION, the Kabukicho district is a relentlessly creative, diverse, and energetic adult entertainment area. You’ll dive right into the hyper-energetic mix of bright lights, boisterous crowds, less-dressed girls, loud touts, and discretely guarded doors.

As you weave through the streets of countless bars, strip joints, love hotels, and eateries, you’ll learn about the area’s colorful personalities and history, and get insights into the real action behind those closed doors. You’ll also get introduced to great places for a drink, a bite to eat, and to soak in the local ambience at your leisure.

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Adult Content (18+)

The Kabukicho image gallery includes some adult content (nudity), so if you are under-18, easily offended by such content, or living in a region where such material is taboo, you might want to skip that one.

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Dilara Özden did the web design and illustration for this project

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