Photoshoot at Brave Little Tank

3 March 2020 ● 3 mins read ● 16 images

Hello there, I'm Sam, a portrait photographer based in London & Tokyo. I recently had the pleasure of photographing the staff and office of Brave Little Tank; a small web design agency based in Chatham's Historical Dockyard in South East England. I really enjoy taking photos for small businesses and start ups. 

I absolutely love their office space (especially shaun the sheep) and it's not often you can take a tea break and find a submarine and three different warships behind your office. When photographing small businesses and start ups I always like to capture the surroundings and space itself before moving on to some portraits. Brave Little Tank was an absolute joy to photograph.

I enjoy a light hearted approach to portrait photography and try to keep the atmosphere as relaxed and free flowing as possible depending on what is needed. I often find it's best to take photos with several staff members at the same time so there is more of a connection and interaction with each other. Here's what I (we) came up with at Brave Little Tank. 

And that's it. Simple, authentic and honest portraits for small businesses and start ups. I'm always open to explore alternative ideas for portrait sessions too.

I have only recently relocated to Tokyo having finally obtained an Artist Visa to work here (what a mission that was). I'm hoping to continue my work from the UK in providing natural portrait photography for businesses here in Tokyo. If you would like to see more of my work then please visit my website for more information - I'd be happy to work with you!

Lovely shots, Sam! Great to see your work on Canvas! Will definitely keep you in mind for future client projects. 👍

Stephen Smith - Web / Mobile Designer in Tokyo, Japan Stephen Smith Web / Mobile Designer 7 March 2020

Good stuff, Sam! Didn't know you had been doing these kinds of shoots. We may soon have need for something like this as well!

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