Unleash The Warrior - Nike Baseball

18 February 2016 ● less than 1 min read ● 1 image
Unleash The Warrior - Nike Baseball

In 2012, Nike Japan launched a new baseball collection, designed for hard-ball and Koshien players.

The collection is called "NIKE SHA|DO", SHA(謝) meaning appreciation, and DO(道) meaning way.

We wanted to introduce the SHA|DO collection as though it was meant for a new bread of warriors. Warriors that wake up before the sun to run extra bases, repeat their swings for hours to improve their accuracy, and stay late after practice to take ground balls in order to train faster hands. These warriors are quietly focused, building stronger games in the shadows, and now they are ready to strike.

The result is a 16 page booklet that NIKE sent out to over a thousand highschools in Japan, and an AD featuring the new FLY LEATHER J ELITE SHA|DO LOW cleats.

Click here to see more. http://marekokon.com/UNLEASH-THE-WARRIOR-INSIDE-OF-YOU

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