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4 November 2019 ● 1 min read ● 9 images

doing the dishes i noticed how pleasing the shadows were from the various forms of my dishes and got curious to play around after washing with my leica m3. i liked the interplay between light & shadow and the frame within frame the sink itself created...then i took my dishes to the darkroom and played with the forms even further making camera-less images. was just really fun creating with items we use everyday.

I noticed the light in my sink too the other week- early morning 5:30am-ish. I didn't shoot it though!

Nice, that would be quite different since you would be using natural light...there was just this weird spotlight over my sink that made it a bit more surreal...imagine yours would be naturalistic especially if you use a bit more desaturated film~

Cool. The light and composition of these remind me of Man Ray photos. I had a similar reaction to the moody night lighting of the kitchen after moving to a new apartment. https://wp.me/P3gHZd-1ej

P.S. Seeing that Bialetti espresso maker brings back happy memories of student share houses :)

Basili Mobile Thanks, ya especially the photograms~
Nice and man got to love those Bialettis~

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