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It's a short film I produced and directed with Tokyo Cinema Union which is the only Japanese Independent Film Union in Tokyo.
I am in fact the organizer of this TCU (Tokyo Cinema Union) as well.
TCU aims to encourage Japanese Film makers who are usually very passive and follow mainstream blindly. We exercise to encourage artists to self produce films, and this was one of the project that was born from that concept and project.

Wow! This looks amazing, Yusuke! Have you, or will you do any screenings of this anywhere? I'd love to see it on a large screen!

Mark san, Thank you! We just got back from Spain and Italy for screening this film. We will be screening this at our new Art Theatre in Shinjuku around April!

Awesome! It would get great if you could post about it on the discussion board so all the Canvas members can learn about it. I know loads of people who would love to see it I'm sure! :D

Yusuke, I hope you'll keep us updated as to when this is screening in Shinjuku; I'd love to see it on a large screen too!

Hengtee Lim San
Thanks for the comment!
Really appreciate it.
Yes, I will let you know when, where we will be screening.
The theatre we are building is the very first Japanese independent artist theatre where we will exhibit not only japanese art but non-japanese art works. The theatre is totally supported by the artists that is also very unique structure. Anyway, Thanks again for your comment!

Very impressive Yusuke. I'm definitely interested to watch it!

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