Reclaimed Space

23 July 2019 ● less than 1 min read ● 1 image
Reclaimed Space

I created this work for an exhibition in Koenji. This is one of a series of similar paintings relating to the concept of spaces we create in which to live, work and relax. I spend a lot of time walking around Tokyo and am always attracted to the architectural structures. We can appreciate the outer shell but I often find myself pondering the type of activity and energy that exists within. Through these works I try to reimagine the forms to try and create a sense of the internal energy, represented by augmented shapes of the original structures.
This work was created using acrylic paint on a wooden panel. I decided to allow the natural grain of the panel to show through in the background as a means of representing one of the natural elements required in the construction of the various man made structures we see all around us.

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