Feelings, here and there

1 June 2019 ● less than 1 min read ● 1 image
Feelings, here and there

This is how Tokyo looks, at a first glance, if you manage to get a window seat and a twilight landing. Fucked up. This is also how the inside of your head looks like: water, some nerves, a little blood, some more dirty water, and darkness. Fucked up. This is how nascent thoughts look like, turbulent and silent, changing shapes if you have time to spare, gibberish otherwise. This is how unanalyzed data looks like, like a population before elections, something as discreet and as unformed as water. You think your thoughts are your own? It is everywhere, as forms and shapes and well, as thoughts, if I may so. Unique is a little twitch or a ripple in the red, a sudden blob of white cutting through yellow, unique is just the serendipity of muscles, that moment of fallacy, that impulsive action/ reaction which you yourself would not have committed had you really thought about it. Well, think about it.

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