The Neon House

19 January 2016 ● less than 1 min read ● 1 image
The Neon House

Hi everyone.

With the desire to document my experiences in Japan, I have created this blog (yes, another blog of Japan) to write my favourite places and things I come across with every day.

It's not meant to be an official guide or anything close, but rather give visiting friends (or even friends living here for a while) ideas of curated places and experiences that I think might make their stay in Japan memorable.

There are only a few posts and I have to confess my skills for this type of things are unfortunately quite limited but I hope to improve with practice soon.

At the beginning I was hesitating on making this public due to the extensive offer of excellent Japan blogs out there... but who knows, maybe some people could find it helpful. :)

Please share with friends or family if you think it could be useful.
instagram: @theneonhouse

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