City Grrrl - risograph version

15 February 2019 ● less than 1 min read ● 2 images

City Grrrl is a homage to the namesake song by Brazilian band CSS (Cansei de Ser Sexy), and depicts a young, ambitious girl dreaming about living in a big city. Previously printed in full color, the book now has a risograph-printed second run in green and fluorescent pink.

You should do this for the next illustrator meet up. Pink hair and black lipstick. I wouldn't give a shit, but it would be interesting for sure. BTW, are these drawn with pens or digital?

I drew the outline with a brush pen on paper, and then colored them digitally. The words were digitally written on Photoshop.

Thanks Julia. Fun to see. I love knowing how people do their art. I wish I could explore more with my work, but I am stuck on a 6 month long project where the client likes straight old boring lifework. Not complaining about having a project, just conservative that's all. Ha. Oh well.

I wish I could edit comments. I should have said I have an awesome client, but he enjoys my conservative line-work.

Yeah, an editing button for comments would be great.

These are amazing. I love the color choices and the sketchbook composition. Rad.

Thank you, William! I'm glad I reprinted this using only two colors.

Love this, the style, the colours, the little monologue. Perfect.
Think these would all look great as a skate deck graphic too,
but maybe that’s just me.... 🤔

Thanks, Dan! I've never thought of these printed in another media, but now that you've mentioned maybe it would be cool on a different canvas!

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