Noum Art Works

24 December 2015 ● less than 1 min read ● 1 image
Noum Art Works

I make artwork and music on my concept called Noum(能夢)
About Noum.
Noum means the deep fog noise made of elements that create memory and storage.
is The Symbol mark of chaotic Noise what made by human memory cause of Atmosphere. such
Kami, Kegare, Kotodama, Animism etc...
That Image is what we can't see, but is what we can feel. It is what exists in our heart.

This is beautiful, how was it made?

Rachel Roberts ,
This is a digitally processed scanned drawing.
There is also acrylic painting edition.
Thank you!

Very cool, do you have a picture of the acrylic version somewhere?

Rachel Roberts ,
Muchas Gracias!, yes, Picture is on the page of my website.
This work is currently temporary stored in Milan.

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