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14 October 2018 ● less than 1 min read ● 0 images

This is a draft short film/fan-made music video based on the American band Paramore's song Brighter, under fair use policy.

The movements were based on rough 3d models created in Blender that were moved using keyframes from videos of myself acting out the characters. Lines were then drawn frame by frame for the animation physics, finished characters, particles.

I created the project alone from start to the draft finish and created a PR website plus a full research paper on its process and possible improvements on the efficiency of anime production. Unfortunately, the project needed to be abandoned as a draft to give way to creating short films that do not contain copyrighted music and can be used for film festivals and in a demo reel.

Full details are in
Research paper can be accessed in

Paramore~~~ one of my favorite bands <3

Aika Murayama That’s great to hear! They’re so awesome, right?
Been listening since I was in high school ✨

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