Noum Showa Kourin - Mehata Sentimental legend

24 December 2015 ● less than 1 min read ● 0 images

I have activities as Mehata Sentimental Legend . Tokyo , Japan
Mehatas music explores the subconscious boundaries between light and shadow, vision and hearing, death and rebirth. In a radical fusion of old Japanese ritual music and futuristic psychedelic noise, Mehatas ethereal soundscapes express the transitory states of mind experienced in the fleeting moments when leaving reality and entering a dream, opening the doors to a new era of music from Japan. In his album Noum Zeccyou, the super-future is thus united with the super-past.
From album description ( from Mind Plug Records )

I can listen to this before entering into the dreamlands. This is one of the strongest pieces yet!

Hi to Yukiko chan!

Georgi Ann Coquereau Kimi
Thank you for listening Georgi san!
And yeah, I will tell her, big hug!!

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I am a Visual Artist and also a Musician of Experimental music in Tokyo, Japan.

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