Yuriko Yuriko

16 December 2015 ● 1 min read ● 0 images

Yuriko Yuriko tells the tale of a young girl brutally dumped by her boyfriend, who runs off to Tokyo to pursue his dreams. It deals with the uncomfortable feelings of hatred and bitterness that surface as a result of this break up. It is only natural to feel angry with a partner who has deserted you, but does their behavior justify you wishing them unhappiness? Would you feel happy or sad to hear that an ex-lover had suffered, or failed? This is just one of the uncomfortable questions that the song poses.

The goldfish is of course symbolic of Yuriko's lost boyfriend, and the empty fish bowl represents her clinging on to the past. In the same way that youthful lovers mourning the end of a relationship can be treated with harsh stoicism by those around them, Yuriko's search is greeted with derision. Keeping a pet fish could perhaps be considered to be a rather selfish act, after all, surely it would rather be swimming free in its natural surroundings, than imprisoned in a tiny gold fish bowl. Perhaps clinging on to a person who no longer wants to be with you could be interpreted in exactly the same way? In the final scene, Yuriko is seen crying into her fish bowl, before pouring her tears into the river. It is time for her to move on from her former lover.

Shot in Asakusa in 2014, the video was produced, and directed by talented videographers Rudy Van Os and Chihiro Watanabe, with creative input from The Watanabes.

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