Sociology Textbook Illustrations

26 May 2018 ● 1 min read ● 3 images

A friend of mine is a professor of Sociology and asked me to illustrate the cover and chapter titles for his text book. I recommend getting to know a sociologist because the project has been surprisingly a lot of fun with a lot of freedom. Luckily my friend and I share a similar sense of humor. A good match for future projects. I have about 15 drawings to post, but I'll post them little by little. 


This illustration represents social change using technology of the future, envisioned by me.  By the way, what is the tube for above the guy in green?   And what is with the 'just married' couple?  People growing apart in the future and communicating verbally only, I suppose.  

This shows gender and aging.  I would like to have one more man in there, but there is no room.  The hourglass represents the sands of time passing.    

This is for the chapter on Social Class.  We wanted to show differences but not be depressing at the same time.  I remember how the chimney sweeps in Mary Poppins were shown as happy go lucky characters.  In reality, children were often used as chimney sweeps because of their size.  I am sure they were miserable.  Oh, do butlers really serve drinks on the golf course?

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