Shutter Advance - Inspiration for capturing a better image

16 May 2018 ● 1 min read ● 1 image
Shutter Advance - Inspiration for capturing a better image

The darkroom was a special place where I could learn the finer points of crafting a better image. I’d dodge this and burn that, all in the name of creating a cool print to hang on my wall. Many years later, I’ve shifted. My laptop is now my darkroom, and I’m shooting a much wider variety of photos. Enter Shutter Advance, a YouTube channel where you can be inspired about photography.

Informing others about the best way to capture an image behind the camera has always been fun for me. Now, I’m taking that another step further. Not only am I discussing what I know and see, I’m interviewing photographers on the streets, in their homes, and in their studios, so everyone can learn from numerous voices and experiences. Who’s on the set with rock stars and fashion icons? Who’s crafting the sentimental wedding book? Who is capturing people on the street as they fight, cry, and laugh? Find out on the YouTube channel (please subscribe if you don't mind)

Don’t forget to check out the blog , as well as Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Shutter Advance is all about beauty, information, and to top it all off, inspiration.

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