How I Met Yu - (Water color drawings animated in After Effects)

4 December 2015 ● 1 min read ● 0 images

How I Met Yu was made from hundreds of drawings which were later painted with watercolour. The project was a collaboration between me and my wife, as it would be used for our wedding. I did the illustration and animation while my wife drew the faces and helped with the painting. The process was quite labour intensive because it had to be meticulously storyboarded, illustrated, scanned, and cut out in Photoshop before it could even be animated. The whole project took about 5 months because I was working between projects at the time.

The end result is quite cheesy but is a true story : D

The film was animated using after effects and edited with adobe premiere afterwards. The original music was made by Rob De Guzman ( I was introduced to rob online and we collaborated on two projects before meeting face to face : D If you're looking for anyone to score your film, please check out his website!

I hope you enjoy the animation! Peace.

If you are interested in making a short film, music video, or are just looking for someone for editing or effects, Please to not hesitate to contact me. Thanks for checking out my work!


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