KLAVICUS, by Steinway & Sons

23 January 2018 ● 1 min read ● 1 image
KLAVICUS, by Steinway & Sons

KLAVICUS, by Steinway & Sons, 'K' for short.

"I designed K to ask questions and to never give answers. With K I want to convey a feeling through a solid object."

What do we see?
K is made of birch wood, cast iron and acrylic. It has four glass canisters, two of which are broken, the others filled with unknown substances. It is faceted with eight functioning buttons, brass detailing, multiple wires, tubes and large letters spelling its name.

What don't we know?
What is K's function? To whom does K belong? Is it a medical device, a musical instrument, a child's toy or a professor's calculator?
Where and when does K belong? Was K built in the 1920's, 1980's or maybe, the future?

With K I challenged myself to design pre-conceptually. We, humans, instinctively attempt to make sense of everything around us, by comparing everything we see, hear and feel to our past experiences. This is how we make sense of our world. K doesn't fit in this world, the more we try to compare it to what we know, the less we understand it.

More images at rowanbts.com/klavicus

500円 for scale.

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