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Doraemon x Mondrian
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Earlier this year I designed this (unofficial) parody art that morphs Japan’s favourite robotic cat with the well-recognised abstract art style of Dutch painter Piet Mondrian. I actually wanted to produce these as prints, but Doraemon’s Licensing Agency wouldn’t grant me a licence, so now I just want to share it with you guys, because I still like it, and hope you enjoy it too!

Man, this is brilliant. It's a shame you weren't granted the license.

Don Kratzer - Creative Director in Tokyo, Japan Don Kratzer Creative Director 17 November 2017

Godammit - you're still a genius

Duncan Shotton - Product Designer in Tokyo, Japan Duncan Shotton Product Designer 18 November 2017

Rohan Mitchell , Datadub Kratzer , Cheers pals! ^^

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