Kitagawa Utamaro: Discover Japanese Beauty Through his Masterpieces

11 November 2017 ● less than 1 min read ● 1 image
Kitagawa Utamaro: Discover Japanese Beauty Through his Masterpieces

Take a look at some of Utamaro’s most spectacular prints to see what an incredible and enduring contribution he made to Japanese art! -

I'm sorry, but what in this post constitutes your work? Did you write the post on the site, or take the pictures? I thought when you click "add creation" you're supposed to make a post about your own work, not simply promote a website.

Thanks for your comment and I get your point. The reason I shared this work is because there are only very limited number of creative writings about Japan in this community. As I am the editor of Japan Objects, I oversee every apect of the articles to bring them to fruition. Sorry for the misunderstanding though. I hope you enjoy some of our work anyway!

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