Found Portraits: One

10 November 2017 ● 3 mins read ● 13 images

Started from Japan, I found my vision through those portraits. I know there must be something in common that tied us together - something the fast-moving world had left behind. In fact, the more I shoot, the more I realize that they were portraits of nobody but myself.

All shot with Canon AE-1.

                                          (Brussels, Belgium, 2016)

                                          (Yokosuka, Japan, 2015)

                                             (Ibaraki, Japan, 2016)

                                             (Beijing, China, 2016)

                                   (Copenhagen, Denmark, 2016)

                                           (Tokyo, Japan, 2016)

                                   (Brussels, Belgium, 2016)

                                           (Tokyo, Japan, 2016)

                                           (Teshima, Japan, 2016)

                                           (Tokyo, Japan, 2016)

                                           (Tokyo, Japan, 2017)

                                             (Tokyo, Japan, 2016)

                                             (Tokyo, Japan, 2016)

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