Wooden Bicycle Basket

4 September 2017 ● 2 mins read ● 5 images

Besides being an illustrator, I like to make things with my hands.  My latest project was a personal one to help me replace my 15 year old mamachari basket bike with something more useful.  My old basket bike was too slow to ride downtown and my mountain bike too exhausting.  So I built a wooden basket for my road/adventure bike which can quickly be removed when I want to go on a longer ride up in the mountains of Chichibu.  Many times, my wife will text me while I am out riding to have me pick up something at the grocery store on my way home, but sport bicycles don't usually have baskets.  I have seen people attach wine crates to racks, but all I could find was either too heavy or too flimsy, so I built my own box.  I need to put some more rubber gaskets between the metal rack and the wood to cut down on a bit of rattling, but for the most part, it is really quiet and surprisingly light.

I stained it roughly to make it look a bit older than it really is.

With my luck, I am probably going to smack the wood against a power pole going around a corner and smash it to smithereens, but perhaps it will make me a more careful rider.

I spent a lot of time at the local DIY store choosing the right angles and screws and nuts and bolts.  

My first test of the box.  I didn't want to smush my tomatoes with the bungee cord, but leaving it off, kept it from sliding backwards anyway, so it worked out.

A wee bit crooked in the front.  I need to slide the right metal angle back a bit.  And for those who don't like Specialized Bikes, I apologize, but after testing many bikes blind folded, this one was the winner.  

Very cool! And nice bike! I was actually thinking recently how useful it would be to have some kind of collapsable or modular basket on the front of my road bike.

Thanks Mark Mcfarlane . I just wish Specialized wasn't such a bully of a company. They make a nice product though for the price. Yeah, a changeable basket/rack system would be cool. This rack is removable. I was going to use all 6 braze-ons that the rack came with, but for ease of removal I am using 4. I need to take it apart and fix the squeaks, now that I have tested it.

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