New guide to Kyoto and Nara

24 October 2015 ● 1 min read ● 1 image
New guide to Kyoto and Nara


Apologies for the self-plugging, but I've got a new book out in spring. It'll be my fourth as author with Tuttle Publishing and the first of four coming out with Tuttle in 2016.

It's always very satisfying when a new book starts appearing on Amazon and the like, as the process from initial idea to final product is quite long and represents a large investment of time and energy from not just me, but in the case of a book like this a cartographer, designer, and an editorial manager with the patience of a saint whose job is to keep everyone on track to meet the publication date. To a lesser extent, there's also an editor and/or proofreader who come in near the end of the project and finally the marketing team who take over once a product is ready.

The timeline from initial outline to publication for this book will end up being about 14 months. Babies come quicker! Obviously, that isn't 14 months spent on just this book, as I would typically have three or four books in different stages of production at any given time, plus other projects to focus on. It would work out to about an accumulated three months for me during that period.

Well done Rob!

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