Tokyo Realtime - Akihabara

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Tokyo Realtime - Akihabara

Producer. TOKYO REALTIME tours interweave narration and interviews within a soundscape of location ambience. The tours deliver a seamless mix of adventure and cultural insight while navigating real-world spaces.
Each tour includes:
- an area map
- a booklet of area photography

TOKYO'S ELECTRIC TOWN, Akihabara is Japan's subculture hotspot for anime, manga, games and figures which attracts hardcore fans - and curious visitors - from all over the world. Internationally recognized experts on the area take you on an unforgettable, behind-the-scenes tour of the area. You'll visit all the must-see shops, gain historical knowledge, cultural insights and learn insider jargon like otagei, moé, itasha and more.

About the Narrator
Patrick W. Galbraith is the author of "The Otaku Encyclopedia" and is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Tokyo where he researches Akihabara and Otaku culture. He is a frequent contributor to Metropolis, Otaku USA Magazine and

Interviews with
- Patrick Macias - Author of "Cruising the Anime City" and editor of "Otaku USA Magazine"
- Morikawa Kaichiro - Professor at Meiji University & author of several books including "Learning from Akihabara"
- Danny Choo - blogger and Tokyo Stormtrooper
- Kobayashi Takaya - local ward councilman
- Kristina Dryza - consumer trend researcher
- Mei-chan - otaku and former little sister at a sister café

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