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6 July 2017 ● less than 1 min read ● 1 image

Photographic interview. Inspired by Philippe Halsman's book 'The Frenchman' (1948) but given a distinctly local flavour. View in full at

Max Hodges - Creative Director in Tokyo, Japan Max Hodges Creative Director 7 July 2017

so where is the article? I'm confused. I see questions in the slideshow, but I cant' find the answers. Is this a joke?

Max Hodges Sorry, this one does tend to confuse people a lot. It is a kind of joke, yes. The answers to the questions are in his physical reactions. The book I referenced did the same thing more than 50 years ago with a lot more panache. It was reissued by Taschen in 2005 and is well worth checking out.

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