Bookcover: Favourite Daughter

19 June 2017 ● less than 1 min read ● 1 image

I had the privilege to work with an independent publisher in the US for an upcoming poetry book by Nancy Huang.

"Favorite Daughter is a poetry collection trying to uproot America from inside the body, and find where China is buried underneath." - from Write Bloody Publishing Site

Nancy's work is themed around a struggle between two worlds. She requested the cover to have some Asian elements yet not to typecast it as a Chinese poetry look. Joshua and I presented this idea of using "Yin and Yang" symbol to display the theme of "the two worlds", using the colours from the theory of 5 elements.

I had so much fun illustrating those koi fish!
Never gets tired of black ink and brushes!

I love the book cover you made. Is the illustration digital? The book would certainly catch my eye in a bookshop!

Marin Kadlec - Art Director in Tokyo, Japan Marin Kadlec Art Director 26 June 2017

Hi! Thanks for a nice comment!
I start off on paper and scan them to finish them up on my laptop :)

Great result! And look at that red :)

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