Post-shoot group photo

23 May 2017 ● 1 min read ● 1 image
Post-shoot group photo

I recently organised a group shoot with 15 women from 11 countries. Putting the whole thing together, finding the right people and making sure we had a good group dynamic, preparing for the day and keeping an eye out for things that could go wrong was exhausting. The results were certainly not what I anticipated in ways both good and bad. It was definitely a very positive experience in the sense that the participants got along really well, were very keen on helping with anything they could and we ended up having a really good time. At the same time we experienced some technical issues that I had failed to anticipate, which made this an invaluable learning experience and an opportunity to practice some problem-solving skills. The one thing we had no control over was the weather, but we were hoping that the rain would start after the end of the shoot. Because that's how the weather works!

My awesome models braved the rain though and we managed to get a few nice shots before we had to retreat indoors. Before we finally had to admit defeat and head back inside we decided to take a few group shots to remember the occasion, this one is my favourite because although technically very faulty and completely unrelated to the project it shows the great spirit of cooperation all these fantastic ladies showed on the day :)

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