Soft Vinyl Sexy Yakan

8 May 2017 ● 1 min read ● 1 image
Soft Vinyl Sexy Yakan

When my younger brother was in high school, he was asked by a photo studio if they could take his photo in an attempt to encourage other high school seniors to purchase their photo package. He agreed, and being Texas, the photo shoot involved him leaning against his pickup truck, against a ranch fence, and squatting in grass with a cowboy hat on. The best, was a 1.5 m long "wall scroll" with him sprawled the length of it, with a cowboy hat, boots, far too tight jeans, and an American flag hanging behind him. He was given this as a thank you present, and it's lived at my parents' house since.

I was completely unaware of this. When my wife and I returned to the US for a visit, we were greeted with it at the top of the stairs. The image burned into my mind forever, I wanted to continue the embarrassment and make a toy with the same pose. This is that toy.

For more details on the production process, this was similar to the Bunbuku Chagama from earlier.

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