On Micro Fiction

10 October 2015 ● less than 1 min read ● 1 image
On Micro Fiction

Link: http://www.tokyofreelance.com/micro-fiction.

I wasn't sure where to start with adding a first creation here. It's difficult to add a book. Just adding a link to one on Amazon would be a touch too naughty. And I couldn't think of a recent feature that I wanted to share either. That left micro fiction, which is something that I have been tinkering with over the last few months.

I wanted to share a post with some thoughts about writing micro fiction (that’s where the link above goes). The post also leads to some examples of it.

I'd also be really interested to hear what other people think of the genre; and in particular if they have any thoughts on how it could be applied beyond being simple fiction. Could micro fiction be used as a form of storytelling for copy writing, for example? Could it have uses in something like therapy? Something else? What could it be combined with to create something with more impact than words alone (micro fiction + photography?)?

Interesting piece, Rob. Thanks for sharing.

I don't write any micro-fiction myself (though twitter often feels like an exercise in it), but reading your article made me wonder about the potential in it – it would be fun to someday work with a group of artists, matching illustration with accompanying stories.

Thanks for the feedback, Hengtee.

It is fun to write, which is the main appeal for me, but I'd love to find a way (like you say, maybe with an illustrator) to combine it with something. I think it has more potential if it isn't a standalone thing.

I love this idea of micro fiction so much. I have written short pieces in the past and more recently as well, and have been thinking about combining drawings, photographs and words together in some way. Glad you posted here. Inspiring. It would be terrific to discuss this with you at some point.

Tanya Tanaka Maybe we should try and get a Canvas short/micro fiction group together?

I like the idea of combining it with illustration. Sometimes the longer (er...less short) micro fiction can stand on its own, but the super-short pieces (50 words, 100 words) would often have much more impact if part of something. Micro fiction for kids in particular would be so much better with imagery.

Yes, let's do it! The question is: when/where?

How about I start a thread on the discussion board and see if anyone else is keen for a meetup some time after Golden Week?

Good idea to start a topic on discussion board. Some point after Golden Week would work for me. How about doing a Doodle poll to check availability of potential participants? My schedule is quite flexible the week of May 16 other than Wednesday, May 18. The week of May 9 is very busy for me. Really looking forward to taking this idea forward.

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