Afternoon Tea Living illustration

25 April 2017 ● less than 1 min read ● 2 images

I worked on a brochure illustration for Afternoon Tea Living.

Very nice! Do you have a photo of it in the brochure too? Would be nice to see it. :)

Mark Mcfarlane Hi Mark, thanks for your comment and very nice seeing you last night :) I uploaded 2photos here, but it does not show anything here for some reason. Can you help me??

Hi Aiko, yes was great to see you too!

Hmm.. I'm sorry your images had trouble. Perhaps you could try editing the creation and deleting the images, then add them again? If you need more help, please contact Junta at and he can help you. :)

Mark Mcfarlane Hi again :) Thanks for your advise! I just edited it and uploaded the images again, then it works now! YAY :D

Looks great!!! 😄

Mark Mcfarlane Thank you so much (o^O^o)

Olga Gerasim - Product Designer in Tokyo, Japan Olga Gerasim Product Designer 11 May 2017

Looks really nice!

Aiko Fukuda - Illustrator in Tokyo, Japan Aiko Fukuda Illustrator 12 May 2017

Olga Gerasim Hey Olga, thank you for the complement :) I will see you tomorrow!

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