Love Sick

17 April 2017 ● less than 1 min read ● 1 image
Love Sick

A friend told me once the reason behind the abundance of face masks here was just due to courtesy, a simple conscientiousness of our contagions and their distribution. I took it as a polite, be it somewhat overly cautious, gesture and that was that, but one day I asked an acquaintance donning one of these masks how ill she was feeling, she said, "not at all, I just felt like wearing it". The masks have transfixed me ever since. If to some they operate as fashion statements what if they're wearing the mask more often then they're not? What would that life be like? These and other thoughts served as impetus for this painting, but my curiosity towards the masks is yet to be satiated.

Hi Caitlyn! This made me giggle!
I once had a classmate who would wear an oversized mask when she had no time to put make up in the morning...
Nice work!

They are worn mostly by young girls that enjoy illicit activities so when they are going out with family or friends they need to wear the mask so they will not be recognized on the street by one of their "fans", or other such people. So, next time you see young women wearing masks it probably has nothing to do with them being sick or having allergies.

Wow, You don't say? Themantically it's just a really loaded accessory I guess. I love it.

Duncan Shotton - Product Designer in Tokyo, Japan Duncan Shotton Product Designer 21 April 2017

Reeking hungover / too many gyoza breath is another reason.
No need to put make up on is another.

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