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Motel and a Hard Place... brilliant!

Fantastic! Thanks for sharing, Kirk. Couple of things that might help people to appreciate your work more easily, and to understand your role and skills:

1) You can actually embed the video so it's playable from inside Canvas instead of appearing as a link. In the basic editor that's under the "Video or music from URL" title, and on the pro editor it's the play icon that appears after you click the + button. Please feel free to ping me if you'd like to use them and are having difficulties.
2) Perhaps put a note about the specifics of your involvement in the project, and what was done by others?

Oh. I wondered how to do that. Next time I share I will try that. Thanks for the tip.
Sure I will be more specific with my role too. I am the writer/director/actor in most of my projects =)

OK great! If you like, I'd be happy to edit your existing creations for you so that the videos appear properly?

Awesome. If you can do that and don't mind. Thank you so much =)

Done! Looks much better now! :)

Just watched 'Back to the Past'. Loved it! Gonna watch 'THE OLD MAN...' later on when I have time to concentrate on it.

Awesome. I am writing another short film which I will hopefully make in Japan this year =)

Junta Mitsugi - UX Professional in Tokyo, Japan Junta Mitsugi UX Professional 17 March 2017

Is the driver your father? :)

Hahaha...yes. My actor pulled out on the day so he got the job =)

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